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Data & Insight

Sooner or later, any research or evaluation project makes use of 'data'. Data can take many forms (numbers, audio, text, drawings, observations, etc.) and come from different places (archives, first hand collection, etc.), but at some point a transition takes place where you move from your data to findings, conclusions and even recommendations or actions.


Research Assist can help you at any point in this process: deciding on the type of data needed, the design of tools to collect your data (e.g. questionnaires), actually physically go and gather the data, assist at the stage of analysing or working together with you to make sense of the data.


Our data and insight expertise includes quantitative (SPSS), qualitative (NVIVO) and social network (Gephi) analysis. While traditional methods (questionnaires, interviews, observations) are often the most known ways to gather data, we are continuing to specialise in more creative methods such as the use of brick play, collages, clay, drawing, etc.

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