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Unlike research definitions on the term 'evaluation' often vary. In essence, evaluation is a structured, focused interpretation or giving of meaning to predicted or actual impacts or results for a purpose (e.g. learning, decision-making).


In the past evaluation has been associated with terms such as examination, judgement or assessment. While there is a time and place for those, solid evaluations do much more than that. They give organisations, and their people, opportunities for understanding, learning and can be an actor for change. Increasingly, funding streams in health and social care require applicants to embed evaluation within their proposal. So, why not use this opportunity to your advantage and let it be more than a thick-box exercise?


Research Assist can help you to look at processes, implementation or outcomes in a way that is useful to you. Regardless of your position or your own level of expertise, we offer guidance and expert advice on the design and conduction of evaluations in social issues.


Some of our previous evaluations have focussed on:

  • Healthcare (National Healthcare System, healthcare in the community and informal care) 

  • Social care and communities (including child abuse and neglect, government funding)

  • Behavioural change

  • Healthcare technology & user-centred design


Aside from our evaluation consultancy service, we can also provide capacity extension to clients in which case we would conduct the evaluation together. 

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