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A myriad of definitions help to understand the meaning of the term 'research'. All descriptions refer to some level of systematic, careful or thorough investigation of 'something'. In our case, that 'something' is more often than not a social issues.


Thinking about and actually doing research does not have to be a daunting prospect. It can be exciting, invigorating and often, at least to some extent, unpredictable.


Research Assist has experience in: mixed method, qualitative and quantitative research. Regardless of your position or your own level of expertise, we offer guidance and expert advice on the design and conduction of research in social issues.


Some of our previous work has focussed on:

  • Healthcare (National Healthcare System, charities, healthcare in the community and informal care) 

  • Social care in the community (charities, informal care)

  • Family, children and young people studies (including child abuse and neglect)

  • Behavioural change

  • Healthcare technology & user-centred design


Aside from our research consultancy service, we can also provide capacity extension to clients in which case we would conduct the research with you. 

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